Monday, June 6, 2011

Camp Out

On Friday we packed up our new car(!) with 4WD,
 and headed up into the mountains to take Tate on her first camping trip.

After an hour and a half of driving around and coming across snow or gated roads
(not the funnest hour and half for someone who gets major car sickness)
we backed it up and took our camp out to grandma's.

Backyard camping is really just as fun as mountain camping, in my opinion at least.
You still get the roasted marshmallows, and thrill of sleeping on the ground :)
Plus you get to wash your hands, and cut your baked potato cooking time down by like 5 times. 

Tate was so excited to set up the tent and lay out the sleeping bags.
She spent a good amount of time putting her baby in the different bags and zipping her up.
I have no idea why this picture is sideways, or how to fix it

This is the best of like 20 pictures we tried to take of the three of us going to bed.
Most of them had either Greg or I cut out.
 And every single one Tatum's eyes look like they are going to come out of her head.

Tate did really well in the tent, we let her stay up late (9:30) with us
 and we all headed to bed together.
After 5 minutes of exclaiming:
Dad! Mom! Mom, Dad! Grizzly Bear!
"No Tate thats just a dog howling not a grizzly bear"
Grizzly Bear? Grizzly Bear!
She laid down and didn't make another peep.

She woke up twice, as far as we know,
and ended up in Mom's sleeping bag for the last stretch of the night.
I think she was just waking up from the cold in her big old sleeping bag.
It was freezing! 

I was a little bit scrunched into the side of the tent,
 and she wanted to sleep with my hand up against her cheek and ear,
 which I was not allowed to move, 
but she was like a little personal heater for me, 
so it evened out.

We had a fun time, and woke up to a pancake egg and sausage breakfast prepared by Grandpa. 

Succesful trip!


Sara K said...

What a fun idea!

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Backyard camping? That's a fun twist to camping :) Too bad it was still freezing. Try the Residence Inn next time. Far less work and more comfort :O