Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 2

Tate and I hanging out at the water park.

2- 15 things you adore about your spouse.

1.  He cleans. Really cleans. As in I don't clean (very much). He is awesome
2.  He's a great Dad, and Tatum loves him.
  Subsections of #2
  3. He changes poopy diaper
  4. He almost always does bath/shower time
  5. He plays Justin Bieber for her to dance to, even though I'm sure he'd rather listen to anything else.
  6. And watches The Little Mermaid with her
7. He has pretty blue eyes
8. Has a great nose
9. Is almost a foot taller then me, love this
10. He loves the gospel
11. He fulfills his callings
12. He's smart, and knows the value of education
13. He thinks I'm funny, or at least laughs when i laugh at my own jokes
14. He works hard so I can stay home and Tatum doesn't have to go to a babysitter
15. He told me he'd be a millionaire one day  ;-)

Ok, a post about my spouse, and no picture of my spouse?
Here you go, some oldies: