Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 6

See, still going :)

6- Create your life soundtrack.

Well, I'm not really sure what this means, my day to day life? My entire life? Specific songs? I have way way way to many songs I love to even know where to begin. I love music. All types. How about a timeline some of the music I've been obsessed with.

Early elementary school- anything Disney or Celine Dion. I remember turning up the stereo and belting these out while washing the dishes with Andrea, or sitting on the floor in Grandma's bathroom (looking horrified at a box of tampons swearing we'd never ever ever use something like that, ha)

5th grade-ish. Whenever the Spice Girls came out, I was on the Girl Power train. I was obsessed. And luckily my group of friends was equally enamored. I was always Ginger. When Spice World came out (the movie, for those of you not in the know) I wanted to see it so bad. I wasn't allowed to. I guess my parents thought it was inappropriate or something. It finally came out on VHS and my friend got it. She spent the night. We watched it after every one else was asleep. It was amazing.
Stupidly, we left the tape in the VCR for my mom to find the next day. I got in big trouble and had to write an essay about why I watched it, and how sorry I was.

Middle school- I was still carrying my Spice Girls backpack, and binder to school when I moved to Texas half way through 6th grade. Apparently they hadn't made the transition over to Jr. High at good old Wayside Middle School. So I loved them alone for a good year. I also got the Britney Spears cd for my birthday from my Dad, even though I asked for Blink 182. I didn't know who she was, and was a little disappointed, but don't worry. She and I have had a very good relationship ever since I popped that bad boy into my walkman.

8th and 9th grade- I started listening to more "alternative" music. 102.1 The Edge was on constantly in my room.  Wheatus, Garbage, No Doubt, Caviar- Mr. Tangerine Speedo rocked my world. Pop was still in there too. I guess I let go of my female only artist policy (girl power, remember?) and had some good times with N'Sync Celebrity.

The rest of highschool is really a shmorgispore (sp?). Beyonce, Yellowcard, Finch, Ludacris, Ashlee Simpson, Brand New, Senses Fail, Mariah Carey, All American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, Pixies, Simple Plan, DASHBOARD.

First year of college I listened to ALOT of Counting Crows (they were the favorite band of this really hot guy i knew)

My theme song in hair school was definitely Rhianna's Umbrella! Still love it.

Now the music I hear 90% of the time is either the soundtrack to The Little Mermaid or Justin Bieber. Which are both fine by me. I am strangely, to some people, obsessed with Justin Bieber. He is a talented artist, and super adorable. I housed a life size cardboard cutout of him in my living room for about 3 months. I recently, unselfishly let him move in to Jenna's new dorm room. I think he's better appreciated there, surrounded by hundreds of freshmen girls :) When Kelly Heidi and I went to see Justin Bieber- Never Say Never 3D, I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to say, I cried. Don't judge until you've seen the movie. Its moving :)
I think the quote "I want to be the one last lonely girl" may follow me until i die in book group.

And as for my marriage there are two songs that remind me of "Us". Al Green's Let's Stay Together and Peter Gabriel's The Book of Love. The former I sang to Greg on karaoke night on our honeymoon cruise. It's just sexy, and it gives good advice, "Loving your whether times are good bad, if they're happy or sad." The later, not because I heard it on the Scrubs (greatest show ever) series finale future daydream montage where I cry seeing JD and Elliot getting married, but because it is ... I don't have the words to describe how much I love it. The melody, and lyrics, its just true. And amazing. And I love it. And Greg :)

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that was so well written. Good job! You should teach English