Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love Picnik

Isn't Picnik awesome? I have so much fun playing with it.


Adjusted Exposure:

Cross Process:



Space texture:

Which is your favorite?


lisanne83 said...

i love picnik too!

allegra said...

I love the 1960's one.. especially for the beach:) I love vintagey looking ocean photos.:)

Becca said...

you just like the way your butt looks in this picture you couldn’t get enough of it. neither could i, nice bum where ya from?

Lana said...

I like the 1960's

Aimee said...

never heard of picnik before but it is awesome. I dig all the looks

Lil' M said...

i like the cross process so cool

Stan & Ash said...

hey we are like 3 hours from the beach
i love it also!!

ariel said...

i'm very into cross-processed right now :) gorgeous picture!