Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tatum's Bieber Birthday Party!

Grandma and Talia making fruit loop necklaces

Bieber manning the treat table

Andrea and Reggie

Auntie Sierra, Auntie Jenna, and lil Reg!

Ready to make a wish

present time

keeping 11 kids sitting and not grabbing presents is as hard as it looks

Quincee, Tanya, Kailey, Riley, Ivan, Noah, Tatum, Iris, Charlie, Reggie, and  Natalia

Everyone got a little Bieber love

Playground, Bieber and Elmo Soundtrack, Fruit Loop necklaces, presents and a dessert bar. What else could a two year old girl want?


Aimee said...

Holy Cow I can't believe she is 2! You are such a good mommy to throw an awesome party.

Stan & Ash said...

Oh my gosh I love this!!! Haha I can't believe your baby is two!! I hate that cause that means Winnie is getting closer to One.!!! You look great and Tate is just as cute as ever!

The Taggarts said...

looks like fun! shes getting so big.

Kristen said...

Fun Birthday! Love the fruit loop necklaces!