Saturday, September 3, 2011

Is it Fall Yet?

I'm a summer girl. At least I used to be... no I still am. I still love the swimming, sundresses, snow cones, sandals (apparently this is a list of things that start with "s"), and the smell of sunscreen. I love when the temperature rises out of the bleak lower half of the thermometer and I can bring out the shorts and get a tan. I love my summer vacations, getting to spend a few weeks with my family across the country. I love lounging at the beach and being able to get in the water without freezing to death. I love a lot of things about summer, but lately I've been craving Fall.

I'm craving leaves that change color. Boots and comfy jeans. The couple new sweaters I got for my birthday. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (I actually bought a tub of them this week). I'm ready for crisp air, and a hot apple pie.

September is such a teaser month. Its just starting to get a little cooler outside, but still too hot to bring out any of the aforementioned fall apparel. There is nothing to celebrate, my birthday is past and there is still a whole 60 days till Halloween. When you're in school its the beginning of the year, and that's fun and exciting. But I've got 3 more years until I can go back to school shopping.

The only thing fallish for me this week is that I have a cold. thumbs down.

I guess I need to get some strictly fall decorations. Putting out my witches, jack-o-lanterns, and pilgrims seems a bit premature, but I'm ready for some color in our living room, and on the front porch. What are September decorations? Apples?

Summer, I love you, but it's time to go.
Now please enjoy some pictures of a cute cute girl and some leaves.

Look how little she was just last fall!


Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Fall is the best! For us it is just an extension of summer and I need an additional blanket at night.
Cutie Tate had a nice hair cut last fall. Like always :)

Stan & Ash said...

DId you cute Tate's hair! iT looks cute!! I am with you and want to smack you because you will be enjoying fall way before i get to! I long for boots and cardigans! OH well i won't be complaining when my spring starts like 4 months before yours!!
Congrats on the job it sounds like thats a pretty good hook up!