Thursday, May 10, 2012


Tate's first trip to the dentist

We've been talking about how fun it is to go and have the dentist count your teeth and brush them with his special toothbrush, so she was beyond excited. Dad went first to get her ready, and she got to help hold the mirror and count his teeth.
She also got to press the buttons that make the chair go up and down. So cool :)

She sat perfectly still and got those little chompers flossed and polished, then she picked out an orange toothbrush and orange floss.

Of course Popcorn came along for moral support, and she got a check up too.


The Hargrove Family said...

How cute!

Tahnee said...

I need to know who your dentist is! He looks so fun!

Mary said...

She looks way too relaxed! ;) Way to make it a positive experience for her! Good job!