Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sewing and Baby Jackson

Its already June?!
Its already June 10th?!

I feel like time is going by pretty quickly around here, (although my due date in September feels forever away!) We have been staying busy. Working, finishing up Tate's ballet season, going to Seven Peaks when it is warm. I started a sewing class last week and have been having a blast trying my hand at kids clothes. I've actually been trying to sew a couple baby things, and I finished a romper for Tate. Im pretty proud of myself. In class we are making pillow cases, very simple, kind of boring. But I was excited to pick out fabric, and now I have two cute pillow cases in the making and a vision for a decorated bedroom. The hardest part in decorating for me is actually putting together ideas of what i want it to look like, and making the decision to go with an idea!

We babysat Claire the other day and I had her model the romper I made for Bootsie. I love it!! When you look at it close you can definitely tell it is made by a very beginner, I was just amazed it actually turned out the be a piece of clothing someone could actually wear. Go me.
Such a cute model!

Tate's newest cousin Jackson was born this week and we got to travel all the way up to Layton to visit him! Good thing we love you guys :) 

Tatum LOVED holding him. Touching his soft skin. Wrapping and unwrapping him. She said "Aw mom, look at his tiny ears." And when he started crying "I think he wants a cracker mom."
She is going to be such an awesome big sister!


The Diaries of a Wimpy Mom said...

Wow great job on the romper! My sewing is less than impressive. : ) So every time I see Tate, I'm always like "Dang! She is such a stinkin cutie!". I bet she'll be an awesome big sister also. ; )

Isabela said...

Tate's hair is soooo long! Love it.