Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sleep Over

Tatum's long awaited first sleep over finally happened! She invited her cousins Kenzie and Jojo over for the night and could not have been more excited. The girls painted their nails, ate pizza, and watched Lady and the Tramp, Tate's pick from the library. When Kelly and I got home from our sewing class we decided to treat them all to some summer highlights! Another first for Tatum! I was putting in her foil and she said "I don't want you to fake paint it mom!" (She often gets "foils" in her hair while she waits for my other clients to process). So she got a foil with real paint in it, and now thinks she is totally big. :)

 They ended up staying up to about eleven so you'd think that little girl would be sleeping hard and sleeping in, but she woke up at 3 and came into bed our bed, kicking Greg to the couch. Then we woke up nice and early and made muffins, then drove the girls back home so Kenz could make it to her morning dance class on time. Not alot of sleep, but as far as I know, fun was had by all! And who really sleeps at a sleepover anyway?

Pretending to be asleep

J and M are so good with Tatum, and she adores them. How many 9 and 12 year olds do you think would like the hang out with a 2 year old for a night? And want to do it again soon!
I'm so grateful that she has these big girls that she can look up to and have so much fun with.

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