Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter and the Park

Saturday evening I got to be Aunt Dani and took the girls to this fun park. We played for a looooong time , and had lots of fun!

We played on the swings

We played in the dryed out water fountain

We fed the ducks

And then we played on the big swing. This is the main attraction of the park, but there were so many kids out there that day we had to wait until it got dark and they all went home to get a turn.

These are the Easter Desserts I made, they were tastey!!

This is a yummy cheescake, everybody liked it

And these flower cupcakes were so cute in the pictures on the internet, but cutting up all the marshmellows was a pretty sticky job, so i only made a couple, but they were tastey too!


utmommy said...

Look at how cute you are! Babysitting and cooking all in one shot. Your cupcakes are darling, but I bet they were pretty sticky. The cheesecake looks fab. That is my favorite!

txmommy said...

look what a good cook you are!