Friday, April 6, 2007


Last night we went up to Heber to fertalize the lawn, I pushed the spreader all around and helped.
LuAnn's cat (one she randomly feeds but dosent know where it came from
:-) ) had kittens a couple weeks ago, so we got to hold and play with them. They are so tiny and cute, and the mama cat lets us reach right in her little cubby and pick them up, she doesnt even get mad!

Mama cat

We decided they needed to get some fresh air so we put them in the front yard and mama cat flipped out! She tryed to pick them up, as mama cats do, but she was dragging them across the cement so we put them back in their home.


Anna said...

I want one!! They are sooo cute!!

txmommy said...

cute little kitties,
I like your hair, is it lighter?

Not So Average Teenager said...

i LOVE thoses kittens... i also love the word kitten. say it a couple of times! : ))))

Anna said...

He's right in the middle of the terrible twos. Boo.

I like your hair too!

AeroRob said...

Looks like you have a black and blue finger nail these pictures.