Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Post

So the blonde lasted about a month. I hate having black caterpillar eyebrows, and the blonde did not complement them at all. So I am back to brunette.

Its almost my birthday, and I got my present from G in the mail today... a new phone! Yay! Now people will actually be able to hear me when I talk to them! And its my fav color green.
Sidekicks are weird though, its gonna take me awhile to figure out how to work it all.
Biggest problem so far is that when I receive a text it just shows the phone number, not the name of whoever sent it to me! Hopefully Greg can fix it when he gets home :-)


Jord and Meags said...

BRUNETTE all the way! i like brown much better than blonde:) happy birthday coming up!

nadauld said...

You look cute both ways! I can totally understand the caterpillar eyebrows. I'm thinking about going back to my roots as well. Hope you have some fun b-day plans.
Cousin Allison Nadauld

txmommy said...

I like it brown.

Cool phone, can't wait to hear you when we chat.

Thanks for posting :)

Laura Moffitt said...

Hmm I am undecided I like it both ways but I think the brown fits best. Well we miss all of you guys out there!!!

Aimee said...

BLonde was nice but I like your original. I think it's unanamous (?)