Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day agenda:

Clean house
Hang out with Whit and baby Chad!
Take young women on a nature hike and collect trash

Go see Disney's Earth

The story of 3 families and their amazing journey across the planet we call home
Im so excited!


B and J said...

What about hanging out with brenna and baby charlie

whitney.evan said...

I love that i was on your to-do list! i had so much fun and it was wonderful to have a break from the getting ready for graduation things i've been doing all day. love you and love baby brandt!

Katrine said...

green and black win... were using pink as an accent but eric was rooting for a not so girly color scheme also :P cant wait to see you and baby d.

B+B=fo eva said...

Wasn't that the coolest movie? Since Greg doesn't respond to my was Vegas??