Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I forgot to post some of our Vegas pictures, so here's the rest of our trip :-)
We got to hang out with Steve Erin and Raquel for our last day there. It was fun to see them and their cute little house.
They took up to the Bass Pro Shop, which is like 100 x's better then Cabela's! They had stuffed giraffe and lions! Also this really huge fish tank with lots of cool looking fishies. I guess they have a mermaid dive in and swim around every day, but we just missed her.


Michelle, Jack and Charlie! said...

Hey it's Michelle, I am charging 40 if I have to ship them and 35 if I don't so let me know if you want one:) Just e-mail me at

Jessen Family said...

Hey Congrats on the baby! I am way excited for you. Hope all is going good for you.