Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We had the day off together and decided to drive up to Heber to try some fly fishing. It was so warm and beautiful outside. I set up a little spot with a blanket and chair to read while Greg took off into the wilderness. I think we were out for about 2 1/2 hours, and I made sure we sun screened up. I got a nice tan from about the elbow down, and a little color on my legs. I guess G didn't think his arms needed much protection so he got a nice sunburn.
It was so relaxing listening to the river, soaking up the sun, and reading. I couldn't wait to start my book challenge, so when I went to the library to see what I could check out I got Little Alters Everywhere, the prequel to YaYa, so I could start reading right away.

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allegra said...

i think that's so great you read a lot. i need to be more like that. get all the reading in while you can before the baby comes!:) but also, when the baby is a newborn, they eat so much you'll feel like that's all you do is nurse. and reading while you nurse is a great way to multi task. i got through a book during all my nursing time. (and one book is good for me!:) )

that comment didn't make much sense. oh well.

sounds like a fun day out. dan never sunscreens either. i keep warning him he's going to get skin cancer but he doesn't seem to care.