Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Southern Reading Challenge

In honor of the glorious summer months approaching, and that fact that I will always be a Texas girl (therefore southern girl) in my heart, Ive decided to take on:

Rules: You may choose to read any Southern book such as Appalachian tales, Civil War sagas, Gothic myths, Grit lit, and heart-wrenching biographies. Just as long as you read three (fiction or nonfiction) between May 15th and August 15th. <--- go here for more details

I picked out my three books

First will be

I have seen the movie and really liked it, but I dont remember alot of the details. Plus the book is always different, and usually better.
Next isI had to read this for an English class in highschool, I think it was freshman year, and I think it was actually one of the only required reading books I actually finished. Although again I dont remember the details very well. I always hated being forced to read a certain anything, so I think Ill like it alot more this time around. My favorite book of all time, The Poisonwood Bible, was an english required reading my sophmore year, and I struggled to read it and hated it until I picked it up after highschool. I think Ive read it like 6 times by now.
Last but not leastI found this on Maggie Reads under her suggestions. I figured I needed to pick one book I hadnt read or seen an adaption of. Plus the main character is pregnant, and I like to read about people in like situations as mine.
Im really excited to get started! I just have to wait 9 stinkin' days to start!
At least it will give me time to finish the book im reading now, The White Mary, and get it back to the library on time!


txmommy said...

I liked all three of those books. Good picks!

Kim said...

What great classic picks you have. I loved them all!

Marzan Mania said...

What a great idea! I'm not Southern, but I love to read, and every book I have ever read that's set in the South, I've loved. I think I'll do it too.

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Happy Mother's Day Dani!

Bea & Dad