Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sierra Turning Blonde

I deliberately gave Sierra a very high maintenance color so that she'll have to come visit me again SOON for a retouch... muah ha ha. I had her trapped in my chair for 3 hours.

Think we got enough foils in there?!

She's never really colored her hair before, so I figured go big or go home.

She looks really cute as a blonde! I dont have the greatest before and after pics but this will have to do for now:

We put in 3 shades of blonde and a 2nd brown to add to her natural and it really looks awesome! She needs to take a better after picture for me so I can show off my work.

It always looks better in person though


allegra said...

it looks soooo cute! you're really talented. she does look cute as a blond! good job!

durk said...

I see two beautiful girls no matter what hair color!
Uncle Durk.

Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

I have to agree with Uncle Durk!

Robin said...

I love it you are so good