Friday, November 20, 2009

3 Months Old

November 18th marked Tatum 3 month birthday! She is so big!
Wait how old am I again? Oh yeah 3 months.
She is a very happy baby, as long as she gets her naps.
She loves to stand up and sit up with help.
Her fists have turned into lollipops, apparently very tasty.
Depending on the day she'll either sleep a full 8 hours at night, or sleep for about 5, wake up and have a bottle, and then go back down for another 3-4 hours.
I can live with that!
She loves to watch her Baby Genius movie (thanks Mimi!)
Loves loves loves her bath!
Hates hates hates getting out of the bath.
Likes to listen to classical music,
And most of all likes to rock in the rocking chair with mom.
My guess is that we rock for a combined total of about 3 hours a day.

She is so cute with her chubby cheeks and a chubby little belly! She loves to be naked.
Here she is dressed and watching her baby movie so mom can blog a little :)
Getting out of the bath, she just looked so cute in her towel I had to take a pic.
ps. i made sure to put a diaper on before i snapped any shots, remember what happened to daddy? :)


txmommy said...

I can't believe she is 3 months already!

Shayla Finlinson said...

what a cute little girl... she is getting so big.. i love her rolls in her naked picture...

The Wendler Family said...

Really?? Three months already?? She is just a doll!! She looks like a healthy happy baby!

c.griffith said...

Oh my gosh...i love her!!!

Anonymous said...
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Mark and Beatrix Houghton said...

Look at that dainty little Tatum growing to be a chubby little cutie.
She is soooo adorable!
She looks more and more like her daddy.
I love the expression on her face looking at the 3 months old sign.