Sunday, November 22, 2009


Tatum's first trip to the library was a success! We first took a stroll through the very large children's section. We found the cute stage where they have story time, and are looking forward to going to that when Tate gets a little bigger.
Next we picked out some books. Tatum listened quietly and intently as I read to her :) She liked the Dr. Seuss book.Then we read one called Ill Always Love You which turned out to be very sad. It was about a boy and his dog, and the dog got older alot faster then the boy did. Soon she got very round, then didnt want to go on walks, and couldnt make it up the stairs. Then she dies. And the boy is so sad, but he knows that Elfie knew he loved her because he would tell her every night, "i'll love you always". I think Ill sensor the next books we read. Your dog dying is a pretty sensitive subject and I didn't have any time to warn Tate.
After that we went into the adult section and she got a little cranky. I tried to tell her you have to be quiet in the library but she wanted to yell. So I didnt get to check out anything, Tate got two baby books : Everywhere Babies and Ziggy's Blue Ribbon Race.

I had wanted to get some tiny baby pictures of Miss T, so when she was 2 weeks old we went to JC Penny and got a few shots, but she started screaming and crying before the 2nd pose was over. We planned to go back later that day to finish but never made it back. Then she got really big.
The other day JC P emailed me the pictures they did capture and I was so excited! She looks so tiny and slouchy and cute! Im glad they gave me a second chace to see them. Here's one I downloaded. Too bad it is so small and poor quality, I guess Ill have to buy a few sheets so I can see her clearly!


Natalie said...

Tatum is so adorable and so sweet. Wow. She's smart too, already listening to books.
I love that she's a little fashionista. She is always dressed just right. I can't wait to see her in person and to cuddle her. You will have to give me a very long turn holding her.

Natalie said...

P.S. I love the little scrunchy picture. She was so tiny and sweet.

Shayla Finlinson said...

oh I love that you read books and already go to the Library.. that is awesome... she is so cute.. i love the picture of her... so so adorable..

utmommy said...

Good for you for reading to her already!! She is soo cute.