Friday, January 15, 2010

I hate shopping.

Today Tate and I went to the mall. I've had Christmas money that I am supposed to use on new clothes (because everything I own is ugly) but I can never find anything when I go looking for it. I dont know whats wrong with me, what kind of girl hates shopping? For herself! For clothes! (I also hate talking on the phone, but lets save that for another day)

We walked around and in and out of the mall for 3 hours today. We walked out with nothing.

I need a personal shopper.
Someone who I can just give my money to and say "make me look cute!"

Exciting moment of the day:
I found Becca's twin sister at Icing shopping for headbands.
I literally thought it was her from the side and I was about to call out to her but then remembered Becca lives in Arizona, and if shes visiting up here she always calls me. It was so crazy that I had to call B on the phone and make sure this other B didn't answer.
I was nervous but I asked her for her picture so I could show Becca the madness. She was really nice, her name is Kara. I wish I had gotten a profile shot to show the exact resemblance, but I already felt like a dork asking for her to stand and smile :P

I guess the trip wasn't a complete failure.


** Dre and Yoho ** said...

That is soooooooo her twin!! omg

utmommy said...

Holy Cow! That is totally B's twin. Weird.

The Wendler Family said...

For the record- I hate shopping for myself as well, especially cloths. But for some reason the heavens smile down on me and I am able to find one decent piece of clothing almost every time I go looking.
Don't be discouraged. I know it is hard. Oh and fyi- everything you own in not ugly- you would rockin' a super hot ensemble at Andrea's sealing, so I don't believe you. :)

The Taggarts said...

I know the exact feeling! I hate shopping with a passion because I always feel so out of date and ugly when I go to the mall. I see how much I really don't have style...haha. I have money from Christmas too I need to spend on Jeans (one of things I hate shopping for along with a swimming suit)so if you find anything pass along the love! P.S. You always look super cute! Don't know where in the world you got the idea that you own ugly clothes because you always look super cute whenever I see you!

Price Family Connection said...

It's hereditary - none of the girls in our family likes talking on the phone much, only Kendra is the fashionista, and I, too, would LOVE to pay someone to shop for me and tell me what works. :) Let's find an "image consultant" STAT!

B+B=fo eva said...

lol that is really freaky! hahah Bryce said she dosen't look like me....can I borrow T for a few days? I need a friend here in AZ