Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok, I really don't know anything about computers or how or why they work.
And I don't want to know about them either.

What I do know is that I pay X amount of money every month for mine to work, and when it doesn't i'm mad.
It's one of the most annoying things ever!

We spend alot of time on the computer. Watching our shows, blogging, watching NetFlix, browsing Zillow and Craigslist, Skypeing. And it drives me nuts. I appreciate technology and all it has done for us, but sometimes it just seems like a big distraction.

I do try really hard not to spend the entire day looking at the computer screen.

Today Tate and I dropped G off at work then went over to the Provo library. I recently found out you can use your O-town library card there! How sweet! Especially because they seem to have alot more books then the Orem one. Or at least multiple copies of the same books so you can actually check out the book you need for book group before the day of. They also have more story times.

Plus we are down there a few days a week dropping and picking Greg up, so its a good pit stop for Tatum to get some of her wiggles out before driving all the way back home (20 minutes each way is long for a 17 month old).

Another cool thing they have is a Mother Daughter Book Club! Once a month you can go and discuss a chapter book and eat cookies and drink punch for free! I can't wait till Tatum is 9-12 :)

I also can't wait for her to actually want to sit down and listen to me read stories to her. She likes to look at books and point out different things, which is so so cute. She can identify almost any animal, shoes, babies, and some food items. And sometimes we can make it halfway through a Little Critter or Fancy Nancy book  (her favorites) before she gets distracted by the lint floating in the air, or something else just as exciting.

There are so many amazing stories to read out there! I'm glad my Mom instilled a love of books in me when I was little. I always remember going to the library and sifting through the shelves with excitement! Our house was a miniature library itself, with at least a couple bookshelves in every room filled to the brim with adventures, mysteries, and histories!

I swear my mom has read every book too. Any time I mention one, old or new, she's read it. I think its because she doesn't spend any time watching movies {because she'll just fall asleep :) }

Anyway, we had fun today and found a few new (to Tatum) Little Critters, and my book club book. Yay for two libraries for the price of one ~ free!

p.s. wishing Mimi was here to read this to her


Lana said...

I wish I could read it to her too!

Lana said...
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Aimee said...

Oh my goodness I love to read. I have a library card for Orem and Lehi and I use them both, so it's nice to know I can use it in Provo now too :)

Becca said...

I love the little critter books!!!

Stan & Ash said...

YOu need to start inviting us on your outings!! We need our girls to start bonding before i leave!