Friday, September 30, 2011

Better with Age

I saw this photo over on NieNie's blog and I think it is the cutest picture ever. Doesn't he look dashing in his pilot gear?

President Uchtdorf is my favorite apostle. Maybe because he reminds me a lot of my Papa- they both have white hair and accents. Or because he has a really great sense of humor. I like to laugh during my conference sessions. Also he just seems to speak about things that directly apply to me.

And on the subject for cute white haired men, have you seen this video on YouTube? :)

And just for fun, here's a picture of my cute Papa. Helping my favorite lil cousin Joneaux get some snacks. We've got a lot of cute men in our family!

*Its not fair, men age so well.  They seem to get more handsome and funnier with age. While women, I guess its hit or miss on the cuteness, but why do we get so grouchy?


Lana said...

I'm not grouchy!!

Anna said...

How have I not seen that YouTube video?!

Dani said...

Youre not old yet mom, dont worry it will come

Stan & Ash said...

Hahah I love that video! And old nice white haired men!!!

Aimee said...

That video makes me laugh everytime!