Thursday, September 29, 2011


A new season has started, yay for one more mindless thing to do! Ok, I usually try not to watch to much TV because it is lazy and I could be using my time for much better things, but those previews just suck me in sometimes! And I have been really good about keeping my house clean (what? yes I have been washing the dishes after every meal, and cleaned the bathroom 3 weeks in a row!) so I feel less guilty about watching all the new shows in the evenings. My lineup for the season is this:

Monday- Parenthood- I've seen past episodes of the show randomly. So I don't always know what is going on, but I like the characters, and I feel like its real. Like things that happen would actually happen in real life.

Wed- Modern Family- The funniest show. Period. And it's a clean funny. Phil is my favorite, “Only we touch our women when they don’t want us to!”  “I will only be checking ‘somewhat satisfied’ on my comment card!”
. But I want the old Lily back

Thursday- The Office - We all knew the day was coming, no Michael. I was wondering what the show would even be about without him, but i was pleasently suprised by this seasons premiere. First off yay for Pam being pregnant again. I'll pretty much watch anything that has to do with pregnancy/babies. And the planking was pretty funny. I don't know about Robert California, I didn't watch the last season, was he on that one? I do know that I like Andy as manager, especially when he stuck up for all the losers on California's list. Way to go Andy.

Also PanAm, which I think comes on on Sundays? I watched the pilot online yesterday and it looks pretty good. I liked the costumes and the glamor of flight in the 60's, and the actors aren't bad.  Recognized the co-pilot (don't remember his name) from the dumb spinoff season of Scrubs (didn't like the show, but I did like the actor), and I've liked Christina Ricci ever since The Adams Family. I didn't expect   the undercover secret service work from the commercials, so that was a fun and intriguing twist.

*Oh and New Girl. I love Zooey, and the previews looked pretty funny. Meant to watch it on the premiere night, but I forgot which night it was on. When I went online to watch it I found that FOX makes you wait 8 days after the air date to watch it online? Lame. So I missed episode 2 too (couldn't watch it without seeing the 1st one), and I am now stuck in a vicious cycle.
 Anyway, I finally watched the pilot and I have to say I was disappointed. Most of the funny lines were already played in the commercials, and it didn't flow very well. I'm still trying to decide if some of the characters were funny or just annoying (rude guy that takes his shirt off all the time). I'll give it a few more weeks and see if it gets any better.


-Special Mothertivity- said...

We watched an episode of the new girl on the plane for our trip. We laughed pretty hard.
I'm sad to hear you didn't like the premiere...
So excited to see Parenthood this season! and of course love me some office and modern family.

Catherine Bartlett said...

You're right, this is pretty much word for word what you told me- but still good insight! :) Love your blog.

Stan & Ash said...

I miss the old lily too! What the heck fast forward like two years of er life!!
Haha I love that we just love everything babies! I was thrilled pam was pregnant and loved the planking.
I didn't love the second episode of the new girl to much.

Stan & Ash said...

Wish I was closer so we could watch shows together!